Interactive Maps

In 2009, we launched the Open Green Map, an award-winning interactive ‘social mapping’ platform. It makes our maps instantly accessible and open to public viewpoints, images and impact assessments. The platform reduces barriers to participation and significantly increases the usefulness of the maps to users around the neighborhood - or around the world.

Explore hundreds of maps and thousands of sites directly on the Open Green Map platform or find them embedded in local websites. The mobile website and the Green Map iPhone app make the Open Green Map's rich array of sites accessible on the go. New sites can also be collected with these mobile tools. At GreenMap.org/widgets, find an easy way to embed our content into your own website.

We have created so many Open Green Maps! We have embedded a selection here, and linked each title to the fully featured Open Green Map. As you explore, click icons to open the sites, then, tap the title to add photos, videos, comments and ratings. We invite you to add these maps to your own website or blog (use the code in the box beneath your choice). 

NYC Energy

Explore renewable energy, conservation, and ways to reduce the impacts of embodied energy on an everyday basis with the NYC Energy Map. Join our campaign for an efficient, climate smart NYC and share this map on your website!


Compost NYC Map

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and create rich new soil at the same time. Find sites citywide where you can drop off kitchen and garden scraps as well as learn about starting backyard or indoor composting project. Suggest new sites and read about our next map, Less = More, and help extend our waste minimization campaign.


New York City’s Comprehensive Open Green Map

Green Map NYC brings it all together in this comprehensive edition! When you discover new sites, suggest it here.


Neighborhood Maps

Manhattan’s East Village has amazing resources for resilient, green living. Take a walk or a bike and tour around – take photos and add them as well as new sites!


LEED Buildings in NYC

Green building practices are taking root, and many are seeking LEED certification. This blog includes more about LEED and this map.


Open Green Maps by Others

Open Green Maps created by others give you more insight into our ever-changing neighborhoods. Explore and enjoy! Each map includes space for your photos, videos and site suggestions.