Green Map NYC

Originally known as the Green Apple Map, our local project is now called Green Map NYC to harmonize with other Green Map cities and the global Green Map brand.

Created since 1992, both interactive and printed editions are included here. Each section includes our own Green Maps, followed by those made by local community groups, nonprofits, schools and universities.

We have an amazing collection of Green Maps created around the world. In 2012, this Archive will become part of a world-class map collection based in New York.

Enjoy exploring our interactive and printed maps as well as the Archive!

We love promoting the greening of NYC!

  • Interactive Maps

    In 2009, we launched the Open Green Map, an award-winning interactive ‘social mapping’ platform. It makes our maps instantly accessible and open to public viewpoints, images and impact assessments. The platform reduces barriers to participation and significantly increases the usefulness of the maps to users around the neighborhood - or around the world.

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  • Print Maps

    We have been publishing printed Green Maps since 1992. A selection of these maps made by us is followed by some of the Green Maps created throughout the city by other nonprofits, community and student groups.

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  • Our Archive

    Our collection of Green Maps and materials made around the world is amazing! Created throughout our 20-year history, this collection of 500 unique printed Green Maps and hundreds of educational and outreach materials will soon become available at the esteemed Map Collection at the New York Public Library

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