With Green Map projects popping up all across NYC as well as in 65 countries, there’s always news to share and ways to get involved! Our blog, events, articles and presentations activate community members of all ages and backgrounds. Explore the possibilities here.

  • Blog

    Read all our blogs for NYC here.

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  • Events

    Green Map System’s events in NYC offer you a direct experience with the green side of the city. Take part! You’ll find other sustainability events on land at EcoAnchorNYC, on water at WaterfrontAlliance, on bike at Time’s Up and BikeNYC, for designers at AIANYC and for all at MeetUp!

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  • Articles

    With press attention from around the world on our global In the Media page, our story has been featured in many different ways by reporters. Recent press about out NYC initiatives is included here.

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  • Presentations

    We’ve selected a few examples of our many multimedia projects for you. All of these were made in 2011.

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  • Press Kit

    We welcome inquires from the media and appreciate the chance to share our remarkable local and global story. Contact our office to arrange an interview or request images.

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