NYC Projects

Being based in New York City is a great advantage! We have taken part in many meaningful initiatives over the years including these current projects.

Local Spokes

We are delighted to be part of Local Spokes, the Lower East Side and Chinatown Bicycling Coalition. With 9 local organizations working together, we are developing a new, engaged conversation about cycling and the opportunities it brings to these diverse neighborhoods. Thanks to J. M. Kaplan Fund support, we have released a Neighborhood Action plan based in the outcomes of community visioning and surveys that includes education, infrastructure and job creation recommendations. Continuing with the summer Youth Ambassador, media production and all-ages multilingual events in the neighborhood, the entire process is being designed as a model for other communities.

Find out more about and download the Action Plan at

Green Map System has a long interest in cycling, in fact, even the very first edition of our map was researched and delivered by bikes. We are mapping the spread of bike lanes in the city on We have provided bike tours for years, co-sponsored by Time’s Up! Environmental Group; worked with youth in Recycle-A-Bicycle’s summer program for more than a decade, and contributed to the book, Why I Ride, among other local projects. We are really proud of the Cycling Green Maps created in Tokyo, Beijing, Burlington, Breda and other global cities, too.

Local Spokes Youth Ambassadors, video by Peter Shapiro

NYC Climate Coalition

Newly formed in 2011, the New York City Climate Coalition (also known as NYC3) is focused on a Carbon Neutral NYC through resource exchanges, joint advocacy, networking and partnering. Many different sectors are represented in this Human Impacts Institute project.

In December 2011, NYC3 partnered with Occupy Earth Summit, Mobilize US, and several other organizations to hold actions in order to bring public attention to the Rio+20 process underway at the United Nations. At least a dozen countries were represented at the three events held across from the UN, in Times Square and at OWS - Liberty Square and Atrium.

Designing climate change icons at our 10/10/10 event.

With climate change a critically important reality to all of New York’s residents, NYC3 is open to your involvement. Find out more at

Green Map NYC has also created workshops in parallel with, including our 10/101/10 Climate Icon Design Studio. Our climate actions date back to 1997’s Global Cooling Cycling Tour, held in parallel with the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s Under the Sun exhibition.

Neighborhood Projects

In Summer 2012, we have co-created the Sara D Sustainability Series with Time's Up and the wonderful M'Finda Kalunga Community Garden. Our first workshop is on Green Jobs in the community, of which we are happy to say, there are more all the time.

Go Green Lower East Side “Model Block” with FAB NYC

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer established sustainability committees in 2008 and Green Map System’s Director got involved, co-chairing the transportation subcommittee. Our organization took part in 2009’s Go Green Lower East Side fair, along with many of the organizations that formed the Local Spokes coalition the next year. In 2011, we will be taking part in Go Green projects connected with the exciting Fourth Arts Block Model Block initiative, aiming to make this ‘naturally occurring cultural district’ more sustainable.

Project Interview

Our staff member, Yutaka Nakashima, interviewed at DESIS's Amplify exhibit.

DESIS Social Innovation Lab

The convergence of social innovation and design has been the focus of Parsons The New School of Design’s DESIS program. Green Map System has been part of the process since 2010 as the students charted examples and developed exhibitions in Williamsburg and the East Village. This is one of several exciting projects in local universities that we have taken part in!

Design and social innovation converge at Parsons' DESIS Lab


Occupy Wall Street Sustainability Working Group. O2 NYC. 6BC Community Garden. NYC’s Solar Salon. Food + Tech. EcoHack. Festival of New Ideas at the New Museum. Evolver. The list of projects we have contributed to goes on and on!