Global Projects

Community Mapping Collaboratory at University of Victoria

Our long time colleagues at the Office of Community Based Research and the Geography department at Canada’s University of Victoria are developing a new Community Mapping Collaboratory, starting 2012. With locally-based and globally-relevant research, citizen engagement, sustainable community development, and student learning focused on mapping, an innovative, cross-sector ‘collaboratory’ is the goal. With a co-written book, Mapping Our Common Ground, numerous workshops and presentations at the Association of American Geographers and other venues, our work together has already had successful outcomes.

Our colleagues at University of Victoria  led a Brazillian, Cuban, Canadian and US team in this book's production.

Crisis Mapping

We recently had the opportunity to take part in the International Conference of Crisis Mappers, and to share ideas with a wide range of experts connected to Download our ‘ignite’ presentation, which touches on the ways mapmaking can help communities heal as well as address issues before they become crises.

Crisis Mappers International presentation.