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 Sustainability education includes environmental vitality, economic integrity and social equity in the lesson plan. 

Green Maps have been made by students since 1998 – indeed one of the very first youth-authored Green Maps were made in Brooklyn, by Recycle-A-Bicycle! Civics, art, urban planning, social studies, language arts are part of the project. Students develop critical assessment, communications, collaboration, technical and other skills though the project. They also learn about their own role in building a greener, climate-savvy future for all as they develop a new sense of responsibility to the place they have mapped.  Find these Green Maps here!

To help teachers, youth group leaders and student leaders develop powerful Green Maps, we have created adaptable tools, including the Energy & Environment Exploration Modules below. You can download and use these youth-friendly resources for free, thanks to the support of Con Edison, NYC Environmental Fund, and other funders. Soon, a new Local Food Module will be tested. Contact us to be among the first to try it out!  

Visit This section of our global website includes examples of youth-made Green Maps, a selection of videos, educator overview, and university Green Map projects.

To spark ideas and career ambitions, download our Green Jobs slideshow!

Youth experience their community from a new perspective.

You may want to get started with our Environment and Energy Exploration modules for NYC middle and high school students. These resources are free – just fill out the quick form below so we know who is using them. 

Designed to work in any NYC neighborhood, with the modules, students can chart:

           • School Energy Resources

           • Reduce Reuse Recycle

           • Street Trees & Green Space

           • Getting Around Without a Car

           • Waterways as Transportation 


Introducing Green Map youth tools.

These modules, like the suite of classroom resources that come in the adaptable toolkit for printed, interactive and creative Green Map projects available to all registered Green Mapmakers are designed meet pedagogical goals and student needs. 

Green Map modules are free, adaptable and practical.

We welcome groups to come for an overview and/or walking tour, by appointment. We also provide workshops for teachers and students at schools, in after-school clubs and at partnering organizations. We’ve also encouraged youth to consider green jobs and careers in this slideshow.

As each project reaches fruition, we collect copies of the Green Maps students have created to inspire others. We’ll add them to our Archive too. We invite you to share photos, lessons learned and outcomes with our audience.

We very much appreciate having complete contact information from all users of these modules. Please fill in this form (don't forget your city, state, zip and country if outside the US), then click submit.

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These modules are free for use by NYC classroom and community educators until further notice. Educators are welcome to copy these copyrighted materials for educational purposes. If you wish to reprint or publish them online, in part or in whole, you must obtain written permission in advance from Green Map System.