Become A Map Maker

Know about your community’s environment and interested in sharing your perspective? 

Creating a Green Map could be an ideal way for you to express your interest and concerns in a way that they can engage everyone in your community.

These locally written stories will inspire you.

All kinds of people are leading Green Map projects! Students at all levels, community and nonprofit organizations, gardeners, green designers, and social entrepreneurs, city agencies and ecotourism professionals and others are getting involved and creating a process and outcome that motivates others to take part in neighborhoods and issues of importance.  

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Use our resources to benefit your community.

We would be happy to meet with you to strategize an optimal approach to creating a Green Map. It can be printed, interactive, made into a mural, video, or even a tour, depending on your focus, skills, audience and goals. You can even involve us as consultants in the process!

Green Maps can be:

• The outcome of a summer youth program

• Created to promote a major green event

• Designed to highlight social innovations

• Bring attention to a cause

• Guide newcomers to appreciate the environment of their new home

• Reach tourists seeking an authentic experience when they visit New York. 


Get inspired by the Green Map projects created in NYC as well as the amazing efforts around the world. Our Impacts book shares some remarkable short stories, too.

Engaging the public enhances the mapmaking team's efforts.