Looking for new ways to experience the green side of the city? Green Map System is continually evolving to provide unique resources for resilient urban living.

We have partnered with Recycle-A-Bicycle since 1999, directly and in coalitions.

  • Add To Our Maps

    We love to receive suggestions for new sites to add to the Green Maps of NYC! All of the interactive Open Green Maps are open to site suggestions from you. With Google Map as its base, these maps function in a familiar way.

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  • Become A Map Maker

    Know about your community’s environment and interested in sharing your perspective?
    Creating a Green Map could be an ideal way for you to express your interest and concerns in a way that they can engage everyone in your community.

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  • Students & Teachers

    Sustainability education includes environmental vitality, economic integrity and social equity in the lesson plan. Green Maps have been made by students since 1998 – indeed one of the very first youth-authored Green Maps were made in Brooklyn, by Recycle-A-Bicycle! Civics, art, urban planning, social studies, language arts are part of the project.

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  • Partner With Us

    Interested in sponsoring our work? By working together, we can accomplish more.

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