Our Impact

Whether you have used a printed edition or the interactive Open Green Map on your desktop or mobile phone, each Green Map offers a fresh green perspective of your city, unlike any other. Each shares information in a way that brings overwhelming global crises down to the local level, where you can get involved and make a real difference. 

Our Impact

Our impacts, as expressed by a student at Parsons, the New School of Design.

Drawing attention to nature, culture and green living sites, even in an intensely urban environment like NYC, Green Maps encourage residents and visitors to experience social innovations, sustainability resources, greener neighborhoods, learning opportunities, community and city improvements first hand. From community gardens to PlaNYC 2030, many of these are great models that can be replicated in new places, or become the basis of exciting, timely media stories, green businesses and policies that yield measurable progress for our common future. 

This PR service for the environment supports green jobs and sustainable innovation of all kinds, offering tangible, practical ways to bring sustainability into your life.