Join Our Team

Interested in working with us an an intern or volunteer?

University and upper level high school students in the New York area seeking internships with excellent written bilingual skills, wonderful design skills, and skills related to mapping, community organizing, promotion, social media, open technology development, for social benefit business, and sustainability are invited to send in a short cover note about your interest (with your resume and contact information).

We also welcome experienced volunteers with related skill sets.

Interns and volunteers at Green Map are greatly appreciated for their responsible approach to the important work we do together.

Summer interns have created Green Maps online, in print and on video.

About 15 people per year take on this role. Each gains knowledge and experience, and is offered event passes and other perks along the way. Many have earned credits, co-ops or scholarships to work with us. Several have been able to produce videos and blog posts, complete school projects, develop their portfolio or create Green Maps or related sustainability initiatives that benefit from mentoring by Green Map staff.

Green Map NYC is the hometown project of the global Green Map System. Now in more than 60 countries, as seen at GreenMap.org.