Our approach is uniquely valuable! Our growing list of awards underscores the importance of this work. 


A selection of Green Map System's honors.

Green Map NYC and Green Map System have been honored with diverse international, national and local awards. We are proud to share this list with you. 

2011 NetSquared Invitational for the Open Green Map

2011 Victor J Papanek Social Design Award for the Open Green Map

2011 Treehugger Best of Green in Science and Technology: Best Eco App

2010 Living Labs Global for the Open Green Map

2010 Treehugger Best of Green – Best Tool for Green Travelers

2009 Cause/Affect Environment Award for the Open Green Map

2009 INDEX Awards – Community Finalist

2009 We Media & Ashoka Changemaker Finalist

2008 Tele Atlas Maps in Apps Third Prize

2008 NetSquared Mashup Challenge Featured Project

2008 Eco Vis Challenge Honorable Mention for the Green Map Icons

2007 Environmental Quality Award from US EPA, Region 2, for impacts on metro NYC 

2007 US State Department Certificate of Appreciation for our director 

2005 NGO Global Village Exhibit at Aichi EXPO 2005, Japan 

2002 Spirit of the Land Award, Salt Lake City Olympics

2001 Technology Benefiting Humanities Awards Laureate, California 

2001 Municipal Art Society Certificate of Merit for our NYC projects 

2000 Stockholm Challenge Finalist

2000 EXPO 2000 Project Around the World, Hannover Germany 

1999 US National Sustainability Award  in New Communication Tools, US President's Council on Sustainable Development & Renew America 

1998 Global Best Practices 100 List from United Nations Centre for Human Settlements

1996 Gold International Eco-Award for the Green Map Icons