Global Network

Think Global, Map Local!

Green Map System is fueled by its locally-led network of mapmakers who research, chart and promote their communities’ green living resources as well as ecological, cultural and social sites. 

In 2012, there are more than:

• 63 countries involved

• 800 cities, towns and campuses with locally-led Green Map projects

• 500 uniquely designed printed editions and

• 275 Open Green Maps, linked by

• 170 Green Map Icons

Addressing challenges and strengthening networks with an acclaimed iconography, versatile toolkit, interactive maps and mobile apps, our New York based nonprofit organization supports Green Map teams in hundreds of cities

Green Maps created around the world.

Led by diverse grassroots, civic and professional mapmakers, the process builds community and capacity with outstanding outcomes, including printed and digital maps, murals, exhibits, events and workshops that bring people together to improve their community. 

The first Global Green Mapmakers Gathering at the Bellagio Centre in Italy, 2002.

As a result, hundreds of Green Maps are introducing thousands and thousands of farmers markets, green businesses, bike routes, gardens, alongside places that make each community special. Many Green Map teams continue to publish new editions year after year. Several have created outcomes that extend beyond the maps, too. At GreenMap.org, all are profiled and linked to maps, blogs, albums and more, along with many other resources described in this website. Explore our global network, Open Green Maps and consider starting a project in your town.