Green Map System sparks and supports social change through maps and mapmaking resources.

As part of our process, we also produce workshops, events, tours and multimedia, often in partnerships that engage community and extend our impacts. Active in NYC’s ‘green space’ for 20 years, we endeavor to include everyone in making this amazing environment a better place for all.

Our nonprofit organization has a vitally important mission: inclusive participation in sustainable community development. Today our mapmaking movement has spread to 65 countries!

Full spectrum Green Maps illuminate the rich environment of NYC.

  • What We Do

    At Green Map System, we use the power of maps and community engagement to involve a wide diversity of stakeholders, policymakers and visitors in thinking about, understanding and taking action for a healthier, greener city.

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  • Our Impact

    Whether you have used a printed edition or the interactive Open Green Map on your desktop or mobile phone, each Green Map offers a fresh green perspective of your city, unlike any other.

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  • Honors

    Green Map NYC and Green Map System have been honored with diverse international, national and local awards. We are proud to share this list with you.

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  • Community Partnerships

    Our work has always been collaborative. In our home community of New York, Green Map System is an active participant in initiatives, coalitions, networks, and events that address social inclusion and sustainability, experiential education, technology and culture, resilience and climate justice, mobility and energy.

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  • Global Network

    Think Global, Map Local! Green Map System is fueled by its locally-led network of mapmakers who research, chart and promote their communities’ green living resources as well as ecological, cultural and social sites.

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  • Our Icons

    Globally designed Green Map Icons are known all over the world! These lively icons are one of our most important globally designed resources as they make the maps easy for everyone to use and link sites across the world. The set is also used to create an inventory of sites as the research and mapmaking process is underway.

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  • Supporters

    Supporting Green Map System is a great way to contribute to the environment and healthier hometowns, near and far. While we generate abundant ‘social capital’ thanks to volunteers in NYC and worldwide, financial supporters keep our nonprofit organization moving forward! Become a supporter today and see the impacts of your tax-deductible donation grow, year by year.

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  • Staff & Board

    Green Map staff and board members work on both the local NYC and the global Green Map programs, applying our direct experience to benefit mapmaking in other communities.

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  • Join Our Team

    Interested in working with us an an intern or volunteer? We also welcome experienced volunteers with related skill sets.

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